Each week, Aid to the Church in Need will present a project that our international organization would like to support.

Today, the project we are calling on your help for rests in the Pearl of the Antilles, where the sun can play a significant role in providing energy! A solar generator for a parish in Basse-Voldrogue.



The sun to the rescue

Father Stanley Fleuriot.
Father Stanley Fleuriot

For the last  year and a half , Father Stanley Fleuriot has had to sit in the dark every evening for there is no electricity in his new parish of Saint Anne of Basse-Voldrogue. In fact, he lives in a small hut which doesn’t even have a window. For now he has to make do with a meager gas lamp or a solar lamp, providing him with the only available lighting for the celebration of Holy Mass.

His parish is a very poor one situated around 15 miles (25 km) from the town of Jérémie, and serving a population of about 25,000 people. Bishop Joseph Gontrand Decoste is convinced that the local community has strong spiritual reserves, however. That is why he has established a new parish here which is now in its earliest beginnings and in need of establishing a minimum of infrastructure to support it.

What is most needed is a small solar generating plant that will provide at the very least, a modest supply of electricity for the parish.


ACN is planning to contribute $4,060 CAD to provide a source of light to Father Stanley and the parish community.


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