Project of the Week—Helping Sisters in the Czech Republic Survive Through Difficult Times

Subsistence aid for the discalced Carmelite Sisters in Prague

The feast of Saint Joseph on 19 March 2021 was a day of special joy for the discalced Carmelite Sisters in Prague. For on this day Sister Elizabeth Miriam took her solemn permanent vows and bound herself for ever to the Carmelite family and making her the seventh fully professed Sister of this small congregation, with two young Sisters still in formation. Their average age is astonishingly low, all of these Sisters are only aged between twenty-five and fifty-one.

Though even before the pandemic, the Sisters found it hard to support themselves. For this reason ACN has been supporting the Carmelites in Prague on a regular basis for many years. But as is the case in many places—the pandemic has made their lives even harder. Forced to close their little shop over many months, close to the Prague fortress, in which they sold their own religious handmade work. This, of course, resulted in a sharp drop in income, while the little online shop the Sisters opened did very little business. In the past, the Sisters relied on tourists to purchase their products while exploring the city, but these customers would otherwise not be likely to actively seek them out on the Internet.

We are supporting these nine hard-working Sisters again in their life and apostolate, this time with a contribution of $10,800. They have already thanked us, and promising to raise up their daily prayers for all who have helped.

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