Project of the Week: Transportation for a Parish in Tanzania

Success Story: Great rejoicing! Finally, Butundwe parish has a car!

In the northwest of Nigeria, we hear great rejoicing in the parish of Butundwe! Why? Well, thanks to your generous help, Father John Bosco Lwenge now at long last, has a car! He has been waiting for this car to make his pastoral ministry easier. Everyone in the parish is delighted, and grateful too, because now they will be able to see their priest more often than before.  

The parish of Butundwe covers a large area with no fewer than twenty-eight out-stations, some of them over 30 km from the centre. Father John travels to each one to celebrate Holy Mass, preside at funerals, administer the Sacrament of the Sick. He also teaches at the catechists’ training centre around 70 km away from where he lives, and in several schools! As if that wasn’t enough, he is standing in for a neighbouring parish for the priest, who is currently sick. 

Before getting his car, Father John wrote to ACN: ‘My pastoral work is hard and difficult, and the roads are dangerous, since I have no car.’ At that time, all he had was a moped to get him around. In the rainy season, many of the roads are simply impassable as they quickly turn into rivers of mud making the roads to the faithful practically impossible to negotiate without a sturdy off-road vehicle.

A Good Vehicle Offers Priceless Service

This is a poor and underdeveloped region. Only a few places have an electricity supply and most people have to travel 65 km to 80 km for medical treatment. Seriously ill patients and pregnant women are often brought to hospital on bicycles—in fact, not long before Father John sought our help, a pregnant woman actually died on the way to hospital. ‘That was a heartbreaking experience for me,’ he acknowledges.

So his new car will now be performing a priceless service for the community, as a resource in medical emergencies that will no doubt save lives. Father John and his parishioners used to pray every day that they might receive help—and you did not disappoint them.

Thanks to you, ACN gave $22,500 for their new car.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you for your generosity! 

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