Project of the Week—Training for Seminarians in Brazil

ACN promises help for the formation of sixteen seminarians in the diocese of Rio Branco, northwest Brazil.

The pandemic has had a profound impact on people’s lives in Brazil, the Church is no exception. In the diocese of Rio Branco in the country’s northwest, they have worked hard to move ahead as much as possible with the training of their future priests.

Presentation of a theological monography in virtual format Series given by the St. Joseph Major Seminary

Studies have continued via virtual learning tools—with good results. However, the ordinations that were due to take place in 2020 were postponed until this year, 2021—though they were able to celebrate an ordination of the diaconate within a very small group in the seminary house chapel. Sadly, the seminary was only able to accept the admission of a reduced number of new young seminarians. But the sixteen seminarians who are currently preparing for the priesthood are full of zeal and enthusiasm.

Ordination of deacon Damas Antoine

The Amazon — A Vast Region in Need of Priests

The life that awaits them is not an easy one, for the diocese of Rio Branco lies in the Amazon region, and the greater part of its 100,000 km² is located deep in the rainforest. Many villages can only be reached by water. There are far too few priests to cover this vast area, resulting in many inroads by various sectarian groups, with spurious promises of healing and salvation and plenty of financial backing at their disposal. This situation has given rise to an obvious and urgent need for more Catholic priests who would venture into the Amazon region with a primary mission of sharing the Good News.

March 2021: Bishop Dom Joaquín Pertíñez Fernández and priests at the ordination of deacon Damas Antoine.

After a year facing so many challenges and obstacles, we thank God that through his mercy we have been able to continue the formation work and our Catholic mission,” writes Bishop Joaquin Pertinez. He has asked our help, so that his sixteen seminarians can continue their formation, and we have promised him $14,490 to accomplish this task.

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