Project of the Week – Technical Equipment for a Catholic Radio Station

Democratic Republic of the Congo 

 For almost 30 years now, the Assumptionist Fathers in the diocese of Butembo-Beni, in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, have been exercising a fruitful media apostolate. In particular, the Catholic radio station they have set up—Radio Moto Oicha—is proving to be a vital instrument of evangelization, information, and communication in a region that has been plagued with bloody internal conflicts for many years. According to human rights organizations, the current crisis in the eastern DR Congo is the longest-running humanitarian crisis in all of Africa. It is estimated to have resulted in three million internal refugees, thousands of deaths, and at least 7,500 abductions. There are repeated massacres and other atrocities. Many schools and health centres have been destroyed, many churches have been burned down, and many villages are now cut off from the outside world. 

The radio station, whose name means Light of the rising sun, can reach around one million listeners, including those in areas that are otherwise inaccessible, yet where people also need spiritual nourishment, enlightenment, and support. Thanks to its broadcasts, they are now able to take part in Holy Mass and other liturgies, keep informed, find comfort in the Word of God, and be guided towards love, peace, and reconciliation.  

For so many of its listeners, Radio Moto Oicha is now an indispensable part of daily life. However, there are technical issues with the transmitter, which often results in an inability to broadcast for days on end. Furthermore, additional equipment is also needed, such as laptops, microphones, and a few recording devices for recording programs outside of the studio.  

We are proposing to contribute $10,800 so that Radio Moto Oicha can continue to bring consolation and the true Good News to all the people in this region of conflict.  

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