Project of the Week: Support for Catholic Radio in Lithuania

Support for the “Little Studio” Catholic radio station in Vilnius 

All over the world the pandemic provoked by the Coronavirus has demonstrated the importance of Catholic media to the life of the Church in our times. In many countries the only way Catholics have been able to take part in Holy Mass and other communal acts of worship has been via radio, TV and Internet live streaming. 

Beginning 1993, ACN has been supporting the Catholic Mazoji Studija (Little Studio) radio station located in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. And ever since its founding this station has proved to be a priceless instrument of evangelization and one of great importance to the Lithuanian bishops. As its name implies, it is a small operation, yet its importance for the Church in Lithuania is considerable. 

Lithuania is the only country of the former Soviet Union with a majority Catholic population (80%). So this Catholic radio station and its programs are gratefully welcomed and followed by many Catholics, judging by the many positive responses received from listeners. And its programs are also appreciated by many who have never previously had any contact with the Catholic Church and for whom these broadcasts have been an excellent introduction and opportunity to reflect more deeply on the Catholic Faith; providing answers to their questions and broadening interest in these issues without ever having set foot inside a church or spoken to a priest. For many, this follows the overcoming of an initial resistance to these new ideas. 

For those who are already Catholics, Radio Mazoji Studija is a welcome source of information, providing opportunities to learn more about their faith and the life of the Church. It is especially well received by the sick, the housebound and the elderly, who appreciate the televised and live streamed Holy Masses as a great source of comfort and consolation – the importance of which has only grown during COVID pandemic.

ACN is supporting the work of Radio Mazoji Studija again this year with a contribution of $21,750.

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