A  house for the relious formation of Sisters 

The Congregation of the Sisters of Martha and Mary was founded in 1979 in the diocese of Jalapa. In this very poor region of Guatemala, there is also a great shortage of priests, and the congregation was established partly  to counter the proliferation of religious sects.


The Sisters combine a contemplative life of prayer with an active life of fraternal charity. They also support the work of a small number of priests; caring for disabled children, orphans, the lonely and the elderly as well as people who have fallen into drug addiction. They also teach in some of the poorest and most neglected areas in the region.


This young congregation rejoices to have been blessed with numerous vocations and have watched it expand steadily. Now they number 700 Sisters altogether working in Latin America, Africa and Europe – with more and more young women showing eagerness to join the congregation.


Les religieuses préparent la cuisine dans le lieu de formation.
The Sisters preparing food at their training centre.

In Jalapa, no fewer than 200 young novices are currently undergoing formation. But the congregation is poor and does not have the appropriate buildings or facilities for training so many young Sisters. So far they have been using rented premises which are truly unsuited for their purpose. For example, the young women have to sleep 24 to a single dormitory and there is a shortage of many basic necessities.


In order to cope with all these new vocations and to provide these young women with an appropriate formation and preparation for religious life, the congregation is now building a two-story house, with an attached chapel, dormitories and classrooms.


Aide à l'Église soutient la construction d'une Maison de formation pour les religieuses de Marthe et Marie. Aidez-nous à les soutenir! Merci.

donateThey have appealed to ACN for help to build one wing containing three of these classrooms, and we have promised a contribution of  $40,020 CAD.





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