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Les Franciscaines missionnaires de Marie de Zitnitza et de Rakovski soutiennent les plus pauvres. Nous leur accordons 2175 dollars canadiens pour qu'elles continuent à aider.
Franciscan Sisters in Zitniza and Rakovski  support the poor.  We are providing them with  2,175 CAN dollars so they can continue to help, just as Sister Francoise as above with this elderly woman.

In the towns of Zitnitza and Rakovski, in the diocese of Plovdiv in the south of Bulgaria, there is a community of five Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Their congregation was founded in the 19th Century and is present today in 20 countries of Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

The Sisters preach the Gospel through their example of active service for the poor.

Catholics make up only a very small minority in the total population of Bulgaria of around 7.3 million souls. There are only about 80,000 Catholics living in this country. As a Catholic priest or religious you need to have a great deal of patience. Anyone who expects quick results here, has got it wrong. “We are working for the next generation,” the priests and Sisters agree.

In Zitnitza and Rakovski, the Sisters help the sick and the elderly and do home visits when the priest is unable to do so. They also give catechetical instruction and teach religious education in the schools.

Although Bulgaria is a member state of the European Union, around one fifth of the population nevertheless lives in poverty. So there is plenty of work for the sisters in their ministry to the poor and needy. But at the same time the sisters themselves are in need of help, since their living costs are rising relentlessly.

Each year, ACN has made an effort to help these Sisters make ends meet. This year is no exception: once again they have turned to us for help. Sister Francoise writes,


This year, we are helping the Sisters with a contribution of $2,175 CAD.

Would you like to help us, help them?


Text: ACN International
English Canadian adaptation: Amanda Bridget Griffin

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