Project of the Week—Help for Seminarian in DRC

Helping 59 seminarians in Kinshasa continue their studies

The Catholic Church views Africa as a continent of hope. Why? Because one in every five Catholics, one in every eight religious Sisters and one in every nine priests in the world today lives on the African continent.

The numbers are even higher when it comes to seminarians: one in every four young men currently training for the priesthood is African. The number of vocations is rising, year after year. Because of this, the Church in Africa is striving to provide an intensive spiritual, human and intellectual formation for Africa’s future pastors—and is inevitably dependent on outside financial support.

This is the case in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Right now, there are 59 young men studying for the priesthood in their theology year at the Pope St John XXIII major seminary in Kinshasa. Their financial situation of the seminary was already difficult before, but like in most other places around the world, the coronavirus pandemic has made it that much worse. The local Catholic faithful who had scarcely anything to begin with, cannot provide any significant support to the seminary. The families of the seminarians are just as poor themselves. It has always been our principle that no vocation should ever be lost for lack of money.

And so we are proposing to make a contribution of $45,000 for the ongoing support and formation of these fifty-nine theology students. 

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