Project of the Week: Democratic Republic of Congo

Basic Support for Religious Sisters in Maluku

Last year the Daughters of Mercy of the Third Order of Saint Francis celebrated the centenary of their foundation. The congregation was established in today’s Croatia in 1920, and eight years after its founding was incorporated into the Third Order of Saint Francis. 

Today the Daughters of Mercy have 52 different communities in 14 countries spanning Europe, Africa and Latin America. They help the poor and needy, care for the sick, teach in schools and are particularly involved in the education and care of young women and girls. They also give catechetical instruction and perform other important duties in the parishes. In short, they help wherever they find people in corporal or spiritual need. 

The Sisters are also active in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the poorest countries on earth where the congregation is blessed with young vocations. In Maluku, in the Archdiocese of Kinshasa, two African Sisters have taken their permanent vows, one religious has taken her temporal vows and five other young women are just beginning their spiritual formation.

Working with Women

The Sisters in Maluku are particularly active in caring for young girls, children at risk and young mothers in difficulty. However, since they work for love and do not have an income, the Sisters are reliant on outside help to cover their costs related to rent, electricity, water, food and medical provisions, as well as transportation and the many other things they urgently need for daily life. Although they live very modestly, the financial burden is too much for them and making it ever more difficult for their sisters in religion in other countries to help and support them; for in many countries they also face severe economic crisis, and the pandemic is compounding the problem of their own survival.

This is why the Sisters have turned to ACN, confident in our support. Sister Mirela and her sisters have great confidence in Divine Providence – and in the generosity of our benefactors. We have no wish to disappoint their trust, and so we have already promised them $9,000.

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