Project of the Week: A vehicle for a Parish in Pakistan

ACN provides a vehicle to enable pastoral work in the parish of Saint Peter in Multan

Father Javed Khurshid, the parish priest, is still a young priest. Ordained 12 years ago and still serving today in the diocese of Multan located in the southern Punjab region of Pakistan. His parish, Saint Peter’s, lies on the outskirts of the city and not only serves one section of the city but also a large rural area, extending up to nearly 500 km.

The parish has nine outstations which need to be visited regularly, but there are also many more villages, some with just a handful of scattered Catholic families, where he has to visit. Every week he covers hundreds of miles, bringing the sacraments, visiting the sick, conducting funerals and much more besides. Here in Pakistan, where Christians face frequent discrimination and often even violence and generally live on the lowest rung of society, the visits of the priest are a source of hope and are eagerly awaited by the people.

Work is Impossible without Adequate Transportation

However, all this work of service is impossible without an adequate means of transport. Father Khurshid, only has one ageing vehicle for the time being which has been used for the past 16 years by the parish priests. It is constantly breaking down, making every journey a nerve wracking experience. The constant repairs are simply swallowing up money and Father Javed never knows if he is going to arrive on time at his destination where the faithful are waiting for him. From time to time he also uses public transport, but it is unreliable and wastes a great deal of his time. But he doesn’t have the money to buy a new car.

ACN is therefore planning to give a contribution of $17,250  to ensure Father Javed can finally buy a new and reliable vehicle, and reach his waiting Catholic faithful on time.

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