Project of the Week: Construction of a Presbytery in Peru

The parish of Massiapo sits at an altitude of over 10,000 feet in the Andes misty rainforest of Puno. Life is already extremely difficult here, and the pandemic has made it worse for the people here—as it has for the work of the Church. Many planned events and activities had to be postponed or even cancelled, as Peru at large was hard hit by coronavirus. The result has meant not only widespread sickness and death, but also an increase in poverty.

The presbytery of Corpus Christi Parish in Massiapo is in a terrible state. The corrugated tin roof is rusting away and the house itself is simply constructed of a boarded timber frame that looks more like a rickety shed or barn. It is hard to believe that anyone could actually live here.

“The poor state of the building is especially problematic in the rainy season, and we really need to build a new parish house as quickly as possible, so that we can provide the people of this parish, which is mission territory, with the best possible care, ‘writes Father Jorge Munos Darwit, the parish priest, in his request for help.

People in Peru need help and support more than ever before. A new parish would provide accommodation for the parish priest himself, for three catechists and two other people who would work especially in the youth apostolate. The new presbytery should also be able to accommodate occasional guests, for example when the bishop comes to administer the Sacrament of Confirmation or simply to visit the parish.

Father Darwit clearly needs our help and we cannot let him down. We have promised support of $40, 050 towards the cost of a new presbytery. Can you help us, help them?

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