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Posted online May 14 , 2020

Help for the families of forced to flee their homes

The diocese of Dori lies in the far north of Burkina Faso, in the Sahel region. Ninety-five percent of this population is Muslim, while Christians make up only a tiny and widely scattered minority.

Since 2015 the north of the country has been plagued by a wave of Islamist terrorism, leaving over 750,000 people homeless and over 1,000 schools closed. As the crisis continues, an average of 4,000 people still fleeing each and every day from the continuing terrorist attacks. There have been a number of massacres and abductions.

Among the many people who have been forced to flee are the lay catechists   of the diocese, along with their families. Some have been able to find shelter and work in the other dioceses of the country, but a number of them speak only the regional Gourmantché language, which is spoken only in a few other regions making them unable to work in the other regions.

Eighteen of these families now need help to rebuild their lives here in the diocese of Dori. Among them, the family of deceased catechist named Philippe. A father of seven children murdered in a February massacre of this year.

ACN is proposing to help these 18 families with a total of $45,000, for food and lodging, medical care and essential help to rebuild their lives – for example by providing livestock so they can support themselves with the revenue. For Church life today, and particularly in Africa, would be unthinkable without these lay catechists who fulfil a vital function in the parishes, especially where the faithful live scattered across vast regions.


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