The Assembly of the Catholic Hierarchy of Syria wishes to better serve the poor

Robert Lalonde, ACN Canada, In Lebanon

Translated and adapted by Amanda Bridget Griffin, ACN Canada

 Rabwe (Lebanon), Friday March 12, 2014 – On Thursday, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) participated in a press conference given by the Assembly of the Catholic Hierarchy of Syria, following their meeting held in Rabwe, in Lebanon.  This assembly, whose president is Patriarch Gregorious III Laham, gathers twice a year to discuss different aspects in order to improve its way of operating to better serve the poor.

During this meeting, there was question of ensuring the betterment of the organization in terms of presenting different projects representing the greatest needs, and to maintain better relationships between various groups within the dioceses in order to better distribute collected funds.

And, the Patriarch Gregorios III traced a sad track record of the Syrian conflict by recalling the 2 million displaced within Syria alone – almost 9 million in total – 450 000 of which are Christians – the overall or in part destruction of 91 churches, not counting that of several thousand businesses, homes and fields; and why he called out for prayers from the entire world to accelerate the Declaration of Geneva.

He took the opportunity to thank Pope Francis – who would be celebrating the first anniversary of his pontificate on the day following this meeting – thanking him for his support, as well as all the bishops, sisters and priests who are very active in helping all the faithful and all those affected.

He concluded his words of thanks by speaking to all the Catholic organizations, and especially the ACN delegation made up of representatives from various countries:  Germany, Chili, Switzerland, Spain, the United Kingdom and Canada, who were travelling through Lebanon and “who have a thirst to listen to us and to make known to their own people our sadness and our difficulties.  This proves the great solidarity of Christians around the whole world, which is a great spiritual force and which demonstrates the universality of the Church.”

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