One year after the attack by Islamic State

August 6th will mark the first anniversary of the Islamic State (IS) attack on Northern Iraq.  After 2,000 years of Christianity, the population of Mosul was uprooted, pillaged and humiliated because of its faith.  “We need national, regional and international, solidarity to put an end to this illogical conflict, to these killings and to this exodus and to put everything in order within the context of a peaceful dialogue. We need action, and the taking of a clear and firm position in order to condemn what is happening,” had declared His Beatitude Louis Raphael Sako.

Less than a week after the catastrophe, ACN acted by sending a delegation of three of its personnel, to evaluate the situation in which the Iraqi Christian people found themselves.  This visit allowed the team to elaborate on a list of projects estimated at 7.1 million dollars for projects to help “Save a Generation.” This amount represents 58.3% of the 12.1 million dollars granted by the all the benefactors who contributed to this particular cause.

Photo-Marie-ClaudeLast year, the National Director of Aid to the Church in Need Canada, Marie-Claude Lalonde, declared at a  Québec City press conference: “We are facing humanitarian crisis which risks being a lasting one.  It is imperative that we take all the necessary measures not only to support, but also to accompany our brothers and sisters living in this terrible situation.”

Though our benefactors proved greatly generous following this call to action, we must admit that the director was not mistaken in her foresight that this crisis would be a lasting one.  This is why beginning next Monday – August 3rd – interested parties can follow ACN on facebook.com/AidChurch or on twitter.com/acn_canada1 to view and share information about the lengthy crisis including pictures, info graphics and videos.  ACN hopes to receive additional help for Iraqi refugees who are still greatly in need of the help.

The culminating point of this media activity will conclude with a prayer which will available on ACN’s site – www.acn-aed.ca.org along with a text which will include testimonials of Dominican Sisters who have held to their faith and their true mission, despite the outpouring of blood, the suffering and the tragedies they lived on that August 6th in 2014 and the months that were to follow.

Below – Sister Diane’s story where she describes the flight of Christians:





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