Activities Report 2015 –
Aid to the Church in Need

A record year in a world in crisis

 It is a new record year for the international Catholic organization Aid to the Church in Need (ACN).  In fact, thanks to 22 national offices established around the world, a little over 175 million dollars were collected in order to support 6,209 projects – a majority pastoral – a total of 595 more than in 2014; an exceptional year which also saw a multiplication of the world’s crises.

“Of course, we are happy to observe the great generosity of ACN benefactors and their response to various requests with as much vigour,” declares Marie-Claude Lalonde, the Canadian office’s national director. “But in quite another sense, it is also difficult to observe that this increase comes – in part – from the urgency created by the never-ending conflicts like those in Syria and in Iraq.”

In Canada alone, the Syrian refugee crisis allowed the Canadian office to collect $460,000, a significant amount for the Canadian office who finished their year with donations totaling close to three million dollars – also a record number.  “Our role is to support local Catholic communities who themselves support people who are refugees or displaced, with urgent aid,” says Mrs. Lalonde

SYRIA / NATIONAL 15/00180 ID: 1506021 Emergency help for the displaced families from Alqariatin moved to live in Homs city, Fairouzah, Zaidal, Maskanah, Alfuhaila - October, November, December 2015 6 people from Alqaryatain (Mrs. Widad Aziz and her sons Wasim , Nasim and Azoz Khazal, Mr. George Algharib and Mr. William Alkhori) have been killed by ISIS at the beginning of December 2015. the rest of  Widad's family lives in Zaidal and the family consists of her husband who suffered from a disease in his throat that prevents him from talking so he talks through a special device, two deaf- mute daughters and two sons who work to spend on all the family. One of the sons risked his life to go to Alqaryatain to bring the bodies of the martyrs, he arrived there not knowing what to do: to cry on his dead family or bring the bodies quickly fearing the tyranny of ISIS. He found all the bodies except that of William, he put the martyrs in his car and headed to Homs city where they live, and there weeping sound was louder than bullets and all the people of Alqaryatain cried on this good family's loss. Alqaryatain that has gone through calamities several times for this is not the first time that Alqaryatain people are displaced. The funeral for 5 of the martyrs was held in Zaidal Church and during the ceremony the news came that two more young men were killed (Ibrahim  and Georges Algharib) brothers of George Algharib and the missing body was found, but unfortunately it was impossible to bring the bodies because they were in hot spot near ISIS territory. Photo: The people from Alqaryatain are mourning about their martyrs - funeral at Zaidal Church
SYRIA: The people from Alqaryatain are mourning their martyrs – funeral at Zaidal Church

“There are also other projects which have as a goal to help Christians of the Middle East remain and stop the exodus, a phenomenon which many Patriarchs have compared to a tsunami!  Thus, we are supporting Msgr Jean-Clément Jeanbart in Aleppo, Syria, with a project called Building to Stay. As the name suggests, it’s about rebuilding – in spite of the war! – homes for the Christian population, so they will once more have a roof over their heads.


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Other hot spots: North Africa, China, India

In the Canadian Activities Report 2015 set for launch this coming Thursday (July 14), other hot spots are being watched closely.  Such as in Africa, it is not so much the poverty which has drawn attention to this region. But the uprising of a more fundamentalist Islam in countries who have known for hundreds of years, a more moderate very integrated into society and living with Animists and Christians, Islam.  At this stage, there is also much concern about Christian minorities in North Africa who are worried about the rise in terrorist groups particularly in Libya.

In China, Christians are again subject to new periods of more significant persecution – imprisonment, house arrest and a campaign of destruction of crosses and places of worship.  This hasn’t stopped the relatively high rate of conversions to Christianity.  “The power of attraction of Catholic parishes is undeniable, especially among the young and educated,” reads the text.

'Bethlehem' is a new village created by Holy Ghost Fathers in Mirpur Khas for Christian converts from Hinduism
Bethlehem’ is a new village created by Holy Ghost Fathers in Mirpur Khas for Christian converts from Hinduism

In the Indian sub-continent, the subject of religious freedom is deeply worrying.  The ruling political party, the BJP, holds to the hope of the creation a ‘pure nation’, uniquely guided by the values of Hinduism.  And if, in certain regions its influence is relative, in others it is marked by acts of violence, red tape and injustices. In 2015, two religious Sisters were raped in the state of Bengal.  “And these are not isolated incidents,” says Véronique Vogel, head of projects for India.

“Reading the Activities Report is essential to grasp the extent of this task,” concludes Marie-Claude Lalonde.  “And it is only an overview of the thousands of partnerships with those who allow for the local Churches to respond to the spiritual needs surrounding them, but also to the many material needs of the societies where they are evolving.”

The annual Activities Report 2015 can be downloaded on the Aid to the Church in Need Canada website:   Activities Report 2015





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