Prayer and baking

It is work that nobody sees or thinks about— baking hosts for the Mass. It is work requiring specially designed, purpose-made equipment.

Hoping for a new machine—the enclosed Sisters of Saint Michael’s convent.


In Bangladesh, the Poor Clare Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, in the convent of Saint Michael in Bhatikashor, bake the hosts for the entire country. Five years ago, we purchased a new host-baking machine for them, with associated host-cutting equipment. As enclosed nuns, they rely on this work to support themselves. They pray, and they bake. Initially, they were doing so for a few dioceses only, but now they are baking for all of them. At the same time, with the passing of the years, the number of Christians has also grown (to some half a  million, or 0.3% of the total population), and so has the demand. Now the Sisters have to work all week, seven hours a day, except for Sundays, cutting and baking the hosts. This heavy usage, together with the constant power cuts in Bangladesh, has taken a heavy toll on many of the machine parts. Even the replacement parts we subsequently supplied are wearing out—in particular, the heating elements. We want to provide new parts, and a new dough mixer, since this machine has finally given up the ghost. It will cost $6,500 to provide them with this gesture of our shared faith. Anyone willing to contribute, say, $70?
The Poor Clare Sisters, hidden from the world, like so many other contemplative religious around the world who we also support in this work, continue to bake and pray.



“It is important for the spread of the Faith to build with “living stones” which have knowledge of that Faith. Only those who not only accept the faith as a gift from God but are also willing to deepen their knowledge of faith, can take part in the necessary dialogue with other religions.”


“It is our duty to support our brothers and sisters in faith.”

If this project is funded, your gift will be used to support other Christians in Need, for instance, such as these:

Support laity formation in Sri Lanka

The 46 parishes in the diocese of Mannar in Sri Lanka are organizing a program for laity formation. With your help, 200 couples, 124 young people, 240 altar servers, 145 animators, and 100 ministers of the Word will take part.

Support the spiritual formation of young people in Egypt

One of the missions of the diocese of Alexandria is to bring the young people closer to God and more active in their parish communities. With your help, 150 young people from Alexandria, Cairo, and Delta can take part in a spiritual formation.

Support the pastoral camps for children in Palestine

The pastoral camps are one of the most important activities in the Latin Patriarchate in Palestine, Jordan, and Israel. Every year, more than 60,000 children and teenagers take part in the pastoral camps. With your help, they can carry out their mission.