ACN Success Story: Rosary Booklets for Children in Uruguay

The Latin American Saint, Padre Pio, once foretold: “When a million children pray the Rosary together, then the world will change.”

In Uruguay the Catholic Church has a much more limited influence on society than in other countries of Latin America. Barely half the inhabitants of this, the second smallest country in Latin America, profess themselves to be Catholic. Religion has long been banished to the private sphere and there are officially no Christian holidays in Uruguay. Thus, Christmas is called the Family Day on official calendars, and Holy Week and Easter are called Tourism Week. Similarly, many of the laws of the country are in outright contradiction with Catholic teaching.

Nonetheless, Catholic schools make a vital contribution to the work of evangelization. The Church-sponsored Sophia Foundation in the capital of Montevideo has made it its mission to support Catholic schools in their evangelizing mission and to further improve the teaching of religion to ensure children of all ages have the opportunity, with the help of good catechetical material, to grow and mature in faith and in Christian character.

This is done with the hope that they in turn will make their own precious contribution within their families, society and the Church. Currently the program involves some 3,700 school pupils and around 50 catechists.

One Million Children Praying the Rosary

These same children are also participating in ACN’s Rosary campaign, One Million Children Praying the Rosary when, on October 18th of each year, children all over the world will be praying the Rosary for peace.

The Rosary Campaign’s initiative was born in 2005, in the Venezuelan capital Caracas, when a group of children were witnessed praying the rosary in front of a wayside shrine by a few local women who said they experienced a deep sense of the presence of the Virgin Mary. The aim of this special day is that the power of the united prayer of these children will one day, by God‘s grace, bring about world peace and produce a wealth of spiritual fruits.

A request was made to ACN to help the campaign by publishing 2,000 copies of the little booklet Children Praying the Rosary  (Los Ninos rezamos el Rosario). Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, we were able to give $1,075 to help get them ready for the now well-known event.

To the children’s delight, the books have now arrived in Montevideo. Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has contributed!

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