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Support for Catholic Radio

Support for a Catholic Radio Station
By ACN International Projects Department
Adapted by Amanda Bridget Griffin
Published online July 2, 2020


For over 50 years now ACN has been supporting media-based evangelization, mainly via the radio waves. ACN founder, Father Werenfried van Straaten, understood very early on how the modern media could help to reach people in remote regions where distances are an obstacle and where there are too few priests; bringing the Church to the faithful – where the faithful could not get to church.


Africa especially uses radio as a medium ideally suited to this purpose. Radio can reach people in remote and inaccessible parts of the vast continent and play a vital role, not only in spreading the Faith, but also in the fields of education, development and agriculture.


For over 10 years now, Burkina Faso has enjoyed diocesan radio stations and today 12 of the country’s 15 dioceses have their own radio transmitters. The bishops’ conference however, has decided to merge all these stations together, they now see the need to unite all their energies and pool their resources together given the numerous problems the country is facing.


Radio: Crucial in Times of Crisis

Radio presence is particularly significant in the northern part of the country where recent terrorist attacks and killings have left over three quarters of 1 million people homeless and caused more than 1,000 schools closures, spreading chaos and insecurity amidst the population.


In crisis regions radio is a crucial means of communicating with the people to accompany and strengthen them in their faith while keeping them informed. It also provides a means to relaying practical advice and counsel as the struggle to rebuild lives plays out. Also, at times it is used to provide a minimum of education to the children and young people. Radio is also a vital means of promoting peace and reconciliation.


The Impact of COVID-19

More recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has further underlined the importance of the role played by local radio, helping to inform people as to the best way of protecting themselves from the virus. And, last but not least, it plays a crucial role in enabling people to join in the Celebration of the Liturgy and pray together across the miles that separate them.


ACN is contributing $14,500 towards the establishment and improvement of this Catholic radio service.



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