Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako speaks out: PLEASE DON’T FORGET US

Dear benefactors and interested followers – The Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako spoke out at a recent conference on the question of Christians in the Middle East, which was held with financial support from “Aid to the Church in Need” on the fringe of the plenary session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. We feel it is important to share his thoughts and very clear requests made to the international community with you. We urge you to share this message with those around you.

Geneva 16.9.2014

Blessed are those who work for peace,

They shall be called children of God




Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am touched and grateful to you for your presence here. It shows that you are not indifferent to the tragedy of our people.


         ISIS is an extremist organization, guided with blind principles of brutality, well-funded, well-armed with sophisticated weapons, widely present in the social media. The daily practice of robberies, gang rapes, torture and murder of all those who are seen as nonbelievers is common. They are able to recruit fighters from across the globe. Isis is a potential threat to the entire world.

So in the name of all the persecuted I beg and urge all leaders to find a strategy – a road map to end the present tragedy and prevent also future threats.

Here are some requests –  what should be done right now and later:


  • To continue providing humanitarian aid of shelter, food, water, medicine and clothing to survive till the return of our people to their homes and villages.
  • To liberate not only the plain of Nineveh, but also Mosul by a comprehensive political solution. An international coalition with the mandate of UN is needed to protect and defend the rights of defenseless displaced thousands in this region. Airstrikes only will kill innocent people. There should be troops on the ground and why not from the Arab countries. It is necessary to train the Iraqi central army professionally and to equip it and also the Kurdish Peshmerga.
  • To support the safe return of the displaced people to their homes and villages and to ensure them of international protection. This should be guaranteed by a UN resolution otherwise we would have the same destiny like the Palestinians.
  • To guarantee that the displaced persons are given adequate compensation for their lost properties and destroyed houses by the Iraqi Government. Here other governments, aid organisations and NGOs can contribute a lot.
  • To put the Christian heritage sites which go back to the early centuries under the patronage and protection of UNESCO.
  • All the mentioned measures are necessary. But the protection of human rights of every single citizen is the best and only way to secure a peaceful coexistence. War is always evil and bringing misfortune to the people. Let us examine our conscience what we are doing to prevent war. What about the arm sales? Instead of selling weapons human rights and religious freedom of all should be promoted.

Thank you for your sympathy to the fate of our suffering people. Please take our case to your governments, to your political parties, to your institutions, to your churches and mosques.



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