ACN Project of the Week: Pastoral summer activities for children in Egypt


Pastoral summer activities in Alexandria

by ACN Projects Department International
Adapted by Amanda Griffin, ACN Canada
Published online June 17, 2020

In Alexandria, a city founded over 2,000 years ago and home of a new library recalling the mythical and legendary institution of Antiquity – 290 children and young people in Alexandria have been looking forward to what this summer has in store.

In fact, for the months of June to September, the Coptic Catholic (diocese) of Alexandria has organized a variety of interesting activities for their summer program for young people of all in ages to take part in at the parish church of El-Khsou.

From primary school to university age, those participating will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of their faith, gain a better knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, enjoy the comaraderie with others of their own age and experience what it means to be a part of the universal Catholic Church, when in their regular context in Egypt, Catholics normally see themselves as a tiny minority within the larger Egyptian society. Pictures from last year’s event show just how much joy these kids experienced!


Adapting programs for online use

But just like here at home, this year the coronavirus pandemic has forced the cancellation of all organized summer activities for kids. However, the organizers put on their thinking caps and have come up with some resourceful and inventive ideas to make sure they don’t miss out entirely on the program by adapting their activities to an online format.

ACN is supporting the diocese with its summer program with $6,750.


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