One Million Children Praying the Rosary

New Picture (4)Montreal, Friday, October 18, 2013 – In 2005, an idea was born in Caracas to invite one million children around the world to unite in prayer on behalf of Unity, and of Peace through the intercession and protection of Mary, the Mother of God.

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) Canada is uniting with the National Council of Laity (Venezuela) in inviting everyone to realize this dream of gathering one million children to pray.  The intention is to inspire children in their very hearts to understand the need for prayers for peace within everyone, as well as prayers for unity and peace in families, countries and prayers for the whole world.

New Picture (5)To fulfill this dream, no one needs to move around, or incur any cost whatsoever.  To fulfill this dream consists simply of praying the rosary on October 18 at  9 a.m., wherever children may be:  home, school, kindergarten, paediatric hospitals… or elsewhere.

 Imagine then…

Have you ever listened to the rustling of the leaves in a forest populated by thousands of trees on a windy day… listened to a river running down a mountain side on summer’s eve… or have you listened to the silence in the middle of a crowd in contemplation during the wake of someone dear?

New Picture (3)                      Imagine then…

Imagine hearing…

                       One Million Children

                                              …  Praying all at once.

From Cuba to Sri Lanka    From Mali to ’Australia

From Congo to Monaco      From Lebanon to Pakistan

Imagine again…               Imagine hearing           

 A million children           

Praying all at once         For Jesus and for Mary

In their classes or fast asleep

without moving and without a fee

For Love and for Peace 


New Picture (2) Listen then…                    And listen again   …        

These, One Million Children

Praying all at once…      

Innumerable testimonials received after the prayer campaign in early years have shown, in Venezuela and elsewhere, the great joy with which thousands of children have accepted this invitation.  Join with us and bring a child by the hand…


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