One Million Children Praying the Rosary Might Help Change the World

Aid to the Church in Need (Canada)

ACN is gearing up for one of its most cherished annual events. Our Lady and Saint Joseph are invoked in this year’s Rosary prayer campaign for Peace in the World. Children and families across Canada are fervently invited to participate.

On October 18 this year the international Catholic pastoral and Pontifical Charity, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN International), will hold one of its most cherished events of the year—an invitation has been extended to all parishes, kindergartens, schools and families to join in the annual prayer initiative, “One Million Children Praying the Rosary.”

“This is a prayer campaign. Its purpose is to pray for peace and unity around the world which, at the same time, The event is meant to encourage children and young people to seek help, support and comfort though their relationship with God during difficult times, as the international president of ACN, Cardinal Mauro Piacenza explains.

This year’s campaign highlights the figure of St. Joseph, quoting in its texts parts of the letter Patris corde (Father’s Heart), with which Pope Francis declared a Jubilee Year that will end on December 8. This year’s campaign encourages children to pray “with Mary and under the protection of St. Joseph.” Cardinal Piacenza reminds us that St. Joseph, patron saint of the Church, “is a great example for us of how God can channel everything to good, through our prayer, fidelity and obedience to His Word.”

Although the coronavirus restrictions were expected to end in 2021, the situation remains serious in many places. Moreover, the health crisis is not the only threat to the world. “Hunger, poverty, corruption, wars and terror, the desecration of human life and the destruction of creation affect countless people,” says Cardinal Piacenza. For this reason, the prelate emphasizes the importance of prayer and, in particular, that of children who intercede so that “God may give salvation to the world.

Last year, the campaign ‘One Million Children Praying the Rosary’ beat all records, uniting children from 136 different countries together from countries such as Syria, Iraq, Mexico, Armenia, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Over 509,000 children registered on the ACN International webpage alone.

How It All Came to Be!

The origins of this prayer initiative date back to the year 2005 when a group of children were seen praying the Rosary at a local shrine in the Venezuelan capital Caracas, a few adults who witnessed the scene were reminded of the words of Padre Pio, who once said: ‘When a million children pray the Rosary, the world will change.’ Since then, the campaign has spread from city to country and across each continent—and become a worldwide phenomenon.

To register, please follow this link: onemillionchildren2021.eventbrite.ca

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