United in Prayer for Msgr Moses Costa, of Bangladesh

COVID-19: Bangladesh

Let us unite in prayer for Msgr Moses Costa,  a great friend of ACN’s, diagnosed with COVID-19

We recently learned that Msgr Moses Costa, archbishop of Chittagong au Bangladesh, is seriously ill with  COVID-19.

For the last twenty years, Msgr Costa has been a friend of  Aid to the Church in Need.

Véronique Vogel, head of section which includes Bangladesh wrote the following:

“We were able to help him build churches or chapels in remote areas, presbyteries and convents so that priests and Sisters might live close to people.

He takes great care of the growth of vocations in the archdiocese and of the formation of priests, Sisters and of the faithful. His social commitment to the needy and the outcasts also impressed us during our last trip to his archdiocese. Our charity is very concerned about the news of the sickness of Msgr. Costa and we pray for a good and quick recovery.”

Thank you for joining your prayers to ours for the recovery of Msgr Moses Costa.

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