Mass Offerings

Helping persecuted and needy Christians is of the utmost importance and the highest priority for Aid to the Church in Need.

Mass Offerings therefore serve as a means of funding training for priests, subsistence aid for religious members or Faith formation of the laity – we sponsor thousands who have consecrated their lives to the Church each and every year so that they, in turn, can respond to their calling to support the faithful.

In many places today, poverty is pervasive in the countries where we help and the faithful are barely able to ensure their own survival, let alone that of their priests. Even the bishops often lack the financial means to provide their priests with a regular wage. In these areas, Mass Offerings are often their only means of subsistence in order to access essentials for living.

Mass Offerings are monetary donations, they are linked with a request to celebrate Holy Mass, Sung Masses or Gregorian Masses for the deceased and the sick or for spiritual help with other concerns, as directed by the individual benefactor.

Mass with Bishop Vieira in Samai, Benin.

In 2019, a total of 1,378,635 Mass Offerings Holy Masses were celebrated in the intentions of our benefactors translating into the support of roughly 1 in 10 of the world’s 414,582 Catholic priests.

” Putting the plight of the people

before God is part of our mission. ”

Fr. Martin Barta, Aid to the Church in Need Ecclesiastical Assistant

The distribution of the Mass Offerings is determined by the gravity of the economic situation on the continents. In this reporting year, 38% of the Mass Offerings went to Africa, 26% to Asia and the Near and Middle East, 15% to Latin America and 21% to Central and Eastern Europe.

With Mass Offerings we support the livelihoods of priests around the world,
like here in the Moita Bwawani Mission, Tanzania.

By offering Masses and prayers for the deceased and the sick, for people who are experiencing crises or on difficulties our donors may be facing, they are taking part in the Eucharistic celebration in a very special way.

Many of our benefactors recognize the profound spiritual purpose of uniting their charity with prayer. On average, a Holy Mass is held every 22 seconds for the intentions of ACN benefactors from all over the planet – somewhere in the world.

For some priests, Mass Offerings are

a sole source of income.

Most of the priests not only use Mass Offerings for their own subsistence, but to cover some of the costs of their pastoral activities. In this way, Mass Offerings are intended to secure the immediate livelihood of priests and their parishes. As a basic principle, 100% of the Mass Offerings are forwarded to the intended recipients.