Mass Offerings for 20 priests in Tacuarembo

Although Latin America as a whole is described as a “Catholic continent,” Uruguay, the second smallest country in Latin America, in fact, has a long secular history.

In the 19th century, all public expression of religion was banned and banished to the private sphere. The secularist government of the day engaged in numerous deliberate provocations against the Catholic Church. For example, on Good Friday – a day of strict fasting and abstinence for Catholics – the government would deliberately offer free barbecues for all.

A strict separation between the Church and State has existed in the country since 1917 and formally enshrined in the Constitution. No religious festivals are acknowledged in the public calendar. So it is not surprising that not even half the population of 3.3 million people declare themselves Catholics today. As a result, the Church struggles to maintain itself without outside support. The statutory requirements imposed by the state for the maintenance of Church properties are extremely high. Meanwhile, most priests live on the bare minimum.

The diocese of Tacuarembo lies in the northern-central part of the country and covers an area of around 24,000 km². It has 20 priests, who minister to around 100,000 Catholic faithful in 16 far-flung parishes with a total of 85 churches and chapels and a number of different charitable institutions as well. The area is sparsely inhabited and the faithful live widely dispersed.

We are therefore planning to help these priests with Mass Offerings, for a total value of $17,970. This works out at just $900 per priest for an entire year. These priests will celebrate these Holy Masses for the intentions of those benefactors who have given them. Therefore, please know that your Mass Offerings are of enormous help and are grateful appreciated.


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