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This week:  Uganda

Renovation of the convent of the Missionary Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church

By ACN International

Adapted by AB Griffin, ACN Canada

The diocese of Lira is situated in northern Uganda, in a region which has been plagued by the country’s civil war for years. The bloodstained conflict, which finally came to its end in 2007, has left many deep scars and wounds behind. To this day, many people are still affected by the trauma of war and live in fear. Since most people were unable to attend school during wartime, their  education is severely lacking, and grinding poverty is also widespread. Many victims of HIV or full-blown AIDS also abide. Help is desperately needed.


The Sisters of the Missionary Institute of Mary, Mother of the Church, are working where otherwise, there are no doctors or nurses to be found.  Since 1993, the Sisters have managed a 178-bed hospital in the remote district of Oyam, which was formerly run by the Comboni Sisters. Under their charge is also a clinic which includes a center for treating AIDS patients. The need in the area is dire and help is urgently required, the Sisters manage to bring a modicum of hope to ordinary people who no one else seems to care about.

However, the 11 religious sisters working here face the imminent prospect of having to give up their missionary apostolate, for the building they live in, built in 1953, was already in a poor state of repair when they moved in.

At the time, the sisters were hoping to be able to renovate. However, they didn’t have the money, and as a result the fabric continued to further deteriorate. The rain pours in through holes in the roof, and termites invade the building eating away at the wood.  Consequently, parts of the roof have already collapsed and it has become clear that the Sisters are in real peril if they continue to stay in the building in its deteriorating state.

The Sisters desperately need  your help, and as their apostolate is such a vital one to the people in the region, ACN has promised them a contribution of $21,900 to help renovate the building.

To make a donation by  please call: (514) 932-0552 or toll free 1-(800) 585-6333  or click the image to make a secure on-line donation.
To make a donation by please call: (514) 932-0552 or toll free 1-(800) 585-6333
or click the image to make a secure on-line donation.


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