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JOURNEY WITH ACN is our Friday our weekly newsletter regularly posted to our blog and designed to acquaint you with the needs of the Catholic Church around the world – and various projects we have helped to bring into being together with ACN benefactors.

This week :  The Synod for bishops on the family in Rome


This week, we would like to present you with projects ACN supported  of a family pastoral work nature, in the framework of the the Synod for bishops on the family in Rome taking place until October 19th. 

Brésil ACN-20140723-11616
© Aid to the Church in Need


Support for the apostolate of 150 religious sisters in the Archdiocese of São Salvador da Bahia 

Within the archdiocese there are some 50 different congregations of religious sisters involved in pastoral work, including the family apostolate and the religious education of children and young people. The Irmãs Franciscanas Marianas Missionárias have established a daycare and a school here and are helping around 200 young people towards a better future, through training in typing and the use of sewing machines, a joinery workshop and a brick making workshop.

In Sussuarana, in a Favela without any streets, drainage system or electricity supply, there are four Sisters of Divine Providence running a primary school with 237 pupils. Similarly, the Comboni Sisters in Coqueirinho are caring for the children there. Their parents are delighted that their little ones can not only be instructed in basic religious knowledge, but can also obtain a solid meal. ACN is planning to help a total of 153 religious sisters in this archdiocese with a sum of $71,500 .


 © Aid to the Church in Need

© Aid to the Church in Need


A centre for catechetical instruction in the parish of Saint Arnoldo

In Chimborazo, one of the suburbs of the city of Guayaquil, plagued by extreme poverty, drug-related crime and violence, the Sisters of the Annunciation are running a school for 300 children and also caring for families within the community. Within the space of one year the number of children and adolescents in the parish program has grown from 48 to 252. The sisters have turned to ACN for help to construct two rooms for catechesis. We have promised them $32,000 .


RDC 20100525_005
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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Education for a responsible life

“Education for Life“ is the name of the program run by the Archdiocese of Kinshasa, which seeks to help young people, married couples and families to live a truly Christian life. The most recent campaign was a tremendous success and reached some 55,000 young people and adults. In fact the response was so encouraging that the archdiocese now wishes to extend this program. In order to do so, the books and other educational materials need to be updated and reprinted. ACN has been asked to help and is hoping to be able to contribute the sum of $101,500.


Madagascar ACN-20140403-06723
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Education for life

In the diocese of Farafangana there are two projects – “Education for Life” and “Love and Education for Family Life,” both of which seek to promote the Catholic vision of partnership and sexuality. This educational and training program is being taught in the Catholic schools and parishes. The organizers have written to say that “It is being very well received among the young people and there is a great demand for it.” Inspired by the initial success, they now want to extend this program and provide training for all who are interested. ACN is contributing $25,000.



 © Aid to the Church in Need

© Aid to the Church in Need

Uganda and Zambia

Youth Alive“ – for a future without AIDS

In the last 15 years over 3 million people have been reached through the “Youth Alive“ AIDS prevention program. This initiative has long since spread to other countries and  now “Youth Alive“ is represented in 80 different countries, mainly on the African continent. Its team of educators, made up of young people for the most part, give talks in schools and parishes on issues such as sexuality and AIDS. Their goal is to prevent the spread of HIV by means of these educational campaigns and at the same time help children and young adults to develop a healthy, proactive approach to life. ACN is helping to support this program, with a total of $130,000 – spread over three years.

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