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This week:  Mexico

Support for the contemplative Augustinian Sisters 

The diocese of Huejutla in north-east Mexico is one of the three poorest in the country., A convent for the contemplative Augustinian religious sisters in the diocese has existed since 1970. 21 religious Sisters live a life of prayer and strict asceticism in this place. 

Bishop Salvador Rangel Mendoza of Huejutla is glad and grateful to have them living in his diocese. But he also knows that the Sisters are poor. In fact the Sisters themselves all come from poor, and in some cases very poor, families, who cannot support them financially in a town which also has a very high rate of unemployment. 

So, it is difficult for the Sisters to even sell the homemade products they make, which results in a fluctuation of their income from month to month, that is if they manage to sell anything at all.

Despite their very modest lifestyle, the Sisters still find it very difficult to support themselves.  Bishop Mendoza has turned to ACN for help. Food, electricity, telephone, medication and medical treatment – and everything related to modest day-to-day necessities and occasional necessary repairs to the convent – all these things still have to be paid for. 

With an amount of just $9,000, we can help the Sisters meet their needs for an entire year.


Will you help us, help them?

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