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This week:   Liberia

An archdiocese says “Thank you!”

 Thanks to your generous support, ACN has been able to help for the ongoing work of 27 Catholic schools in the archdiocese of Monrovia, with the purchase of a car. There are officially 140,705 Catholics in the archdiocese. In Liberia generally, Christians make up some 40% of the total population (Catholics 6%, Protestants 34%). Another 40% of the population are still adherents of traditional, animist religions, while Muslims account for a sizable minority of around 20%. The area of this region is very extensive (25,000 km sq); the roads are untarred, and a robust vehicle is essential for travel. Archbishop Lewis Zeigler wrote to tell us that the two vehicles then in use by the diocese already had around 70,000 km under their belts and, given the increasingly high cost of repairs, were coming to the end of their useful service. Needless to say, such vehicles are essential to the smooth running of the 27 Catholic schools in the archdiocese. “We need to visit each school at least five times in order to be able to supervise them effectively,” the archbishop told us.

© Aid to the Church in Need - Transportation Project
© Aid to the Church in Need – Transportation Project

The new car is used not only for the visits of the school inspectors, however, but also for transporting school meals, books and other teaching materials and equipment for the schools –  altogether serving some 15,500 pupils, for the most part from very poor families. Liberia is today only slowly recovering from the massive economic collapse that followed the 14 years of civil war, from 1989 to 2003. At the same time the population has now been hit by the frightening spread of the Ebola virus, which has already infected over 6,500 people in the country and claimed more than 2,500 lives to date. Father Sumo Varfee Molubah, who is responsible for school education within the archdiocese, wrote to us in November 2014 saying, „The ongoing crisis and the rapid spread of the Ebola virus has brought many of our activities to a standstill. We thank God that the vehicle has reached us nonetheless.” Because of the crisis, the teaching in the schools has been temporarily suspended. So the car is currently being kept in a secure place until the schools can be reopened again. Father Sumo writes: “We are most grateful for your support.”


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