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This week:   The Holy Land


A car for the parish priest in Nablus

Nablus is the largest city in the Palestinian Autonomous Territories and it has a long and honourable history behind it. It is here, among other things, that the tomb of the patriarch Joseph is situated, one of the most sacred places of Judaism, and also a place of pilgrimage for Christians, Muslims and Samaritans. It is 63 km by car from Jerusalem. This city, which has almost 300,000 inhabitants, is today a centre of trade and industry. Soap and sweets are made here, among other things. The average age of the population is young, with over half of the people aged under 20.

The majority of the inhabitants are Muslim, but there are also around 650 Christians in Nablus, of whom 250 are Catholic. Father Johnny Abu Khalil ministers not only to the Catholics living in the city itself but also to those in 3 sub-parishes. There is also a Catholic school in Nablus.

Given the size of this territory,  and in order to fulfill  his many duties, a car is an absolute necessity for this priest . Unfortunately, last winter his car caught fire and was completely burnt out. It has not yet been established just how this fire was caused, but the fact is that he now has no car. And while the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem has temporarily given him the use of a car to help him continue with his apostolate and minister pastorally to the faithful, the car is also needed elsewhere.


Despite this generosity, Father Khalil still needs a car of his own and has turned to ACN for help – and we have promised to help him with a contribution of $18,250.


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