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JOURNEY WITH ACN is our Friday newsletter which will be regularly posted to our blog.  

Our weekly newsletter was designed to provide us with an opportunity to acquaint you with the needs of the Catholic Church around the world – and with some of the projects we have been able to realize together with ACN benefactors.

This week:  Bangladesh

A message from Archbishop Patrick D’Rozario


The Christians in Bangladesh is a “little flock”.  But the Church has great impact on the entire populace of Bangladesh because of its long standing commitments and services to education, health care, development work, charitable activities and inter-religious dialogue.  The Church has another important role to play, and that is prayer, which brings love, justice and reconciliation.

For Church in Bangladesh some of our mission priorities are:  to promote quality education to all, health care to the poor, development of the poor and the needy, immediate charity to the people affected by the natural and human made calamities, justice for climate change, formation of youth, healing of misery through justice, promoting peace and reconciliation.

For the evangelization within the Diocese ad intra we are committed to:  formation of the laity, Christian leadership trainings, promotion of human dignity and rights of the people, promotion of Small Christian Communities, family ministries, youth ministries, dialogue, justice and peace and certain infra-structures to provide the above services to the Christian people.

In the Pastoral Assembly of Archdiocese of Dhaka which was held in September this year we have taken as Pastoral theme for 2014: FAITH LEADS TO SERVICE.  (See some photos on the event). After celebrating the Year of Faith with a lot of achievements we have taken the theme of Service especially to:  (a)  Creation and Culture, (b) Human person, family and basic community, (c) poorest of the poor.  At the level of the family, basic communities, parish, region and the diocese, the program of activities are being planned for 2014.

The Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has contributed in the past and also making contribution for the above programs. Our thanks to ACN and to all its donor partners.

Archbishop Patrick D’Rozario, csc.

© ACN - Seminarians in Bangladesh
© ACN – Seminarians in Bangladesh

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