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Today:  Bosnia


The Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King

Grateful for your help

 By ACN International and ACN Canada

 The Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King are a local congregation originating from Bosnia. Sister Ivanka Mihaljevic has been a member of this congregation, which has been engaged in pastoral, and social work, for 22 years now. She has been its Provincial Superior for Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina since 2009, which means that this Sister  Superior is responsible for 260 women in 13 different religious houses.

Despite all the upheavals in their society, many young people still feel called to the religious life, as Sister Ivanka can confirm. However, it is by no means easy to follow the call of God in our modern times. As Sister Ivanka explains, “Everything has become quicker and noisier. The new digital media are everywhere. Young people in particular are influenced by this. They are inwardly unsettled, and do not respond to the call God because they do not hear it. Religious vocations require silence; only then do they mature. That is why I tell young people: Do not be afraid to discover the will of God…”

bosnie2Fortunately, for quite a few, these words fall on fertile soil. Currently, six young women have joined the Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King as candidates, while four others have become novices and are preparing to embrace the religious life – further, another 10 young women have already taken their first, temporary vows and are undergoing further training.

Later-on they will work in schools, hospitals or in a parish. ACN has already helped the congregation to carry out renovations and alterations on the novitiate, with a grant of $41,300. ACN is also providing assistance for the formation of these Franciscan sisters. Sister Ivanka has written to express their heartfelt thanks to all our benefactors!

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