Robert Lalonde, ACN Canada

And AB Griffin


Montreal, Friday September 20th  In order for the wish expressed by Pope Francis on his Twitter account @Pontifex – to see “Peace break out,” Aid to the Church in Need (Canada) would like to invite everyone to participate in the International Day of Peace taking place tomorrow, Saturday the 21st of September.

MCL National Director Loyal to the encouraging spirit of Father Werenfried van Straaten, founder of ACN and author of the book “100 Words of Father Werenfried“ or “Combattant pour la paix” (Combatant for Peace); the National Director of ACN Canada, Marie-Claude Lalonde, called out to all men and women of good will: “It is urgent that a ‘chain of commitment to Peace’ be forged and that together we fight for Peace in order to put a halt to war and to the persecution clamping down at the moment, and this for far too long and in too great a number of countries.”

 International PeaceEducation for Peace as a central theme

The International Day of Peace taking place on September 21st of each year was decreed by the National Assembly of United Nations in 1981, in order to promote peace.  With the International Day of Peace 2013 having as a theme “Education for Peace,” the UN hopes to create an opportunity for reflection on the role that education can play in forming the citizens of the world.

Within this perspective, it would be opportune to highlight that in October 2012, during the Bishops Synod, the theme was put at the top of the bishops’ list.  They were united in saying that priests and religious sisters provide a great contribution through their zealousness and their apostolate in Catholic schools, universities and hospitals alike.  Add to this these places are as much open to Christians as to Muslims.

Consequently, ACN will continue over the course of the next few years to ensure that priests and religious sisters receive the training necessitated, while giving particular importance to the Middle-East and to helping the faithful to remain in their homelands, as well as those who have been forced to flee to other countries.

And Marie-Claude Lalonde concludes: “Join your voices with ours to cry out and to pray, let us unite it behind Pope Francis – as he expressed on his Twitter account – to let the cry for Peace ring out around the world!”




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