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In this month of February, our Projects of the Week will be dedicated to India.  

An immense and fascinating country, the Indian sub-continent is home to over 16 million Catholics.  The great majority is poor and does not have the funds to support the development of their parishes.  Aid to the Church in Need is there to respond to the needs of bishops, community superiors and others who are tasked with Church responsibilities who ask us to help them to strengthen the faith of Indian Catholics.  Here are some stories of projects – successful ones –, which have seen the light of day thanks to you!



A precious Centre for families

In the diocese of Baruipur in India, the Family Centre offers a variety of programs meant for youth, married couples as well as counselling. Men and women who receive training at this centre go from house to house to speak about family values, provide advice for parents or even, to speak about child development. This counts as some very useful information for those families who benefit from it.

Also other people go into the schools and even to the local police stations to help resolve domestic disputes. What does this Family Centre really provide? Through these activities, families feel stronger, couples come to know one another better, and young couples have the option of taking marriage preparation courses. Christians and Hindus unite to help the families in the diocese.

Thankfully, Aid to the Church in Need benefactors are supporting this Centre for families—$34,550 was recently granted to ensure the programs continue, and that the families continue to benefit!

Thank you!

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