Hunger Relief – I am Starving Campaign


Aid to the Church in Need is participating in a large fundraising campaign launched with the Catholic Bishops of Canada on June 7th. 


This cry from the heart, which has sprung from the episcopacy, reflects the sense of urgency coming from a population who are becoming hungrier by the day.


Our organization accepted the call to act.  We will do so in direct partnership with our project partners situated in Nigeria and South Sudan.This week, we will turn our gaze toward the difficult situation found in the northeastern section of the country with the most elevated population in Africa.  That is, Nigeria.


Alongside the devastating effects of famine, the people are equally, if not, cruelly, affected by the presence of armed conflicts.  Estimates show that as of 2009, approximately 1.9 million people have had to abandon their homes and fields. Right now, nearly 44,000 people are facing starvation and this number could rise to a frightening 7.5 million people in the days and weeks to come.


We now need $150,000 to provide these people with food and seeds so that they can start again, for these seeds represents one of their only sources of nourishment.


Thank you for supporting this pan-Canadian initiative! Please do not forget, the Canadian government will match your dollar and place it in their Famine Relief Fund




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