Mozambique Emergency

Mozambique is shaken from all sides. In the north, the violence continues while a tropical storm has just hit the same region.
The hundreds of thousands of people who have lost everything because of the violence or the storm are missing everything: food, medicine, health care, shelter, psychological and spiritual support and a job to support their families.

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In the north, a deep fear has taken hold. Since 2017, there have been 950 jihadist attacks in addition to fighting between the government and rebels. What the population has seen and endured has left them traumatized and in great misery.
There are currently an estimated 830,000 internally displaced persons, many of whom are living in makeshift camps where everything is in short supply.


The Bishop’s greatest concern is that “this terrorism has made our people suffer; it has delayed the dreams of many people. Every year we already suffer from hunger at a certain time of the year. For three years now, many people have not been producing. Therefore, the hunger will be even greater. War has only losers, but those who suffer most are the poorest.” Luiz Fernando Lisboa, diocese of Pemba.

Bad Weather

In this same region, a powerful tropical storm, Ana, hit on January 24th. The roads and houses were under water, and the little these people had left was destroyed.
“Hundreds of houses have been destroyed in the region of Nampula, and schools, health centres and electrical grids are also in need of repair”, the bishop told ACN. Bishop, Inácio Saure, diocese of Nampula.

“The rivers overflowed and took everything with them, including people, houses and other possessions.” Bishop Hilario Massinga of the Diocese of Quelimane

In this region, bad weather strikes regularly. In January 2021 cyclone Eloise killed 12 and affected almost 300,000 people, and in 2018 and 2019 cyclones Idai and Kenneth killed hundreds, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Aid to the Church in Need is supporting hundreds of displaced families with food, hygiene products, health care and seeds, as well as providing spiritual and psychosocial assistance to those who are traumatized and in need.

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