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 By ACN International

Adapted by AB Griffin, ACN Canada

In the Republic of Georgia there are few care facilities available for the disabled. Generally speaking, families are left alone to cope as best they can in caring for them. The situation is at its worst outside the capital city, Tiflis. In the rural regions, in fact,  there is no help whatsoever.

The town of Achalziche located in the southern part of Georgia, has 17,300 inhabitants. There are 232 registered disabled persons in the town, although the real, hidden figure is likely to be considerably higher than this.

GÉORGIE-2In 2010 a small centre was established for the physically and mentally disabled. During their regular house visits to them, the Sisters of Saint Nino discovered that there was a very great need for a ministry for the disabled and their families. Many young people with physical or mental disabilities are condemned to isolation and have no prospects of a dignified or independent future. Given their health and poor living conditions, they are unable to gain any kind of education or develop their interests and abilities.

No more than six people

The small centre is open from Mondays to Thursdays, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. On these days the patients are brought to the centre by a hired transport service for education and therapy. On Fridays, the staff goes on home-visits, together with volunteers. The aim of the therapeutic exercises and the education is to strengthen the physical and mental capacities of the patients and in this way help them to live more independently in their everyday life.

However, the existing rooms are too small and crowded, in a 19th-century condition, without proper sanitary facilities and without a kitchen. Because of the extremely limited and unsuitable nature of these premises and the lack of financial resources, it has not been possible to look after more than six people at a time at the centre. Now the Camillian Fathers, who already have a great deal of experience with this sort of environment, are planning to establish a professionally-run care centre for 30 patients. It will have a variety of different possible therapeutic and care facilities.

Bishop Giuseppe Passotto, the apostolic administrator for the Catholics of the Caucasus region, has written to ACN for help. “People with disabilities in Georgia live on the margins of society, without any future or any prospects. The plan is to extend our work for people with such handicaps, by means of a new care centre where they can experience the love of God and be cared for and helped to advance to the extent of their capacities. Our parish is very poor, and this project cannot be carried through without outside support. On behalf of all those with disabilities to whom, with God’s help, we hope to be able to offer a better future, we send our heartfelt plea for your kind consideration of our request and your support for this project.”

We are hoping to be able to help with a contribution of $81,500 and so we, in turn, are relying on your generous support.

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