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Coronavirus: An unprecedented Easter in the Holy Land

by Christophe Lafontaine, ACN International
Adapted by Amanda Bridget Griffin, ACN Canada
Published on the web April 7, 2020


Because of the COVID-19 epidemic and confinement measures, pilgrims are staying away from the Holy Land  which will undoubtedly leave the streets of Jerusalem empty at Easter. ACN International looks at the situation and relays the calls for prayer for local Christians. The cancellation of pilgrimages will have serious repercussions on the tourism industry on which many Christian families in Israel and the Palestinian Territories depend. 


Continued from the first part of this feature story:

Christians in the Holy Land paying a heavy price

Israel, March 20 2020
Empty forecourt of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem


Calls to pray . . . 

“We have already started to support the neediest families,” said Brother Ibrahim. “For us too, the local Church,” he admits, “it will be difficult to help people.”

When asked by ACN International how they can be helped, Brother Ibrahim said: “Undoubtedly, your prayers will provide great support, so will encouraging pilgrims to come back to this land as soon as possible,” he added.


Returning to the Holy Land after the pandemic

Brother Alberto agrees. In his view, the Brothers in the Holy Land will answer prayers by doing the same in the Holy Places for all those who are suffering as a result of the virus. However, he adds that donations and offerings will be welcome when they become possible. He is conscious that the situation could get worse for local Christians if the “Good Friday collection” is postponed, as he fears. This collection is meant to show the solidarity of Catholic Churches around the world towards the Holy Land. It is also one of the main sources of revenue for the upkeep of the Holy Places, the welcoming of pilgrims and the support for the local Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East in their efforts to ensure that Christians remain in their countries. “For the moment, the Good Friday collection has not been cancelled, even though the faithful in Europe and probably in America will not be able to go to their churches to make their donations.

There are plans to move the date to the summer, but nothing is certain,” said Brother Alberto. Without a collection, “the loss would represent 80% of our income,” warns the Franciscan.


The Basilica of the Nativity closed

Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the Holy Land is gloomy. On 12 March, the Franciscan Pilgrims Office in Jerusalem cancelled until further notice all Masses booked by pilgrim tours in Holy Land shrines. For now, churches and shrines in Israel are open, said Brother Alberto, but only ten people can take part in a liturgy. “The heads of the Churches meet every day and decisions are taken one at a time,” noted Brother Alberto.

On the Palestinian side, the authorities quarantined the city of Bethlehem more than two weeks ago (around mid-March 2020) . Schools and universities (including Christian institutions), mosques and churches are completely closed, including, since 5 March, the Basilica of the Nativity, the birthplace of Jesus. “In the past, it was only closed in the event of war or siege [as in 2002],” said Brother Alberto, who added that he had no information about when it would reopen.

Israel, March 17 2020
Inside the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, in front of the entrance sheltering the Tomb of Christ, the barriers to suppress the crowds of pilgrims have disappeared


In Jerusalem, a few butcher and food shops were still open last Friday, but the streets were mostly empty, with no one about and almost all store shutters lowered. No pilgrims on the horizon. “Just to think that only a month ago, pilgrims couldn’t find a place to sleep!” It was very crowded. But now no one is left, the last American pilgrims left last week,” said Brother Ibrahim.


Closed doors of the Sainte-Anne Church, French national domain in East Jerusalem. According to tradition, the site houses the house of the parents of the Virgin Mary, on the one hand, and the Bethesda swimming pool, on the other.

Towards Easter celebrations without pilgrims in Jerusalem

A European woman who has lived in Jerusalem for years explains that the pilgrimage agency for which she works had all tours booked until the end of April cancelled, including Easter, which generally marks the first high season of the year with the arrival of thousands of visitors. “Other colleagues have cancelled groups tours until August. Everyone hopes to see things get back to normal after the summer, for the other high season of the year (September-October). “Let us put our trust in the Lord; everything is in his hands even though we are going through a time that is hard to understand and to accept,” she concludes.



ACN approved 40 projects in the Holy Land in 2018 and 2019 for a total of more than $1,012,500 dollars.




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