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Adapted by Robert Lalonde, ACN Canada

 Montreal, Wednesday May 15th, 2013Almost completely unnoticed by world public opinion a new drama of Christian persecution is unfurling in the Central African Republic.

The Catholic pastoral charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has learnt from Church circles in Central Africa that the mission stations and churches are being looted, destroyed and even pillaged by militias close to the new government. Any resistance is mercilessly suppressed. A number of Christians have been killed or wounded.

All nine dioceses are affected, seven of them particularly severely. The dioceses of Alindao and Bangassou have, it is said, “lost everything”. They were no longer even able to help those in need. The Bishops are at special risk, but they refuse to abandon their flock. Many Christians have fled into the countryside and do not dare to return to their houses for fear of encountering rebels. The militias belong to the Muslim movement Seleka, they come from the north and are well armed.

Centrafrique-3ACN had already arranged to supply emergency aid to the diocese of Kanga Bandoro in January via secure routes and channels. In view of the extreme emergency the aid is now being topped up. A further four dioceses are receiving immediate emergency relief totalling 210 600$.

It is impossible to consider rebuilding the churches and houses or even of purchasing new vehicles to replace those stolen by the rebels. It’s simply a matter of survival now.”

Anyone wishing to contribute to this assistance is requested to do so by contacting the person named below.

Robert Lalonde (514)932-0552 ext 224


Amanda Griffin (514)932-0552 ext 221


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