Christmas Campaign 2022 – Syria – Shukran!

Where Christianity began

Eleven years after the start of the war in Syria, which has left hundreds of thousands dead, millions displaced and cities destroyed, the economic and social crisis is greater than ever. Inflation has driven even those who managed to survive the war into hardship.   Ninety percent of the population is estimated to live below the poverty line. Pope Francis has called the situation in this war-torn country a “disgrace”.

And, despite the return of a form of peace, about half of the country’s 23 million inhabitants in fled their homes in 2011:5.5 million are refugees within the area, while 6.7 million are refugees within the country. In Canada, 60,000 families have been welcomed so far.

The hope of this family is you and your love. Thank you for your generosity and God bless you!

Aid to the Church in Need benefactors have responded to all appeals to help Syrians since the very beginning. Since 2011, more than 75 million dollars has been donated to support, in large part, 1,118 emergency projects. This is a very large amount, yet it is almost negligible when compared to the considerable needs that remain: medical aid, housing, food parcels, fuel, medical needs. The benefactors of ACN have also supported the elderly, not to mention children and young people, with scholarships, clothing and school bags, as well as milk for babies and young children.

For the Christians, but also for the Yezidi and Muslims who live in close proximity to these Christian communities–with the Christians helping everyone – these initiatives open windows of hope for the people and help to counter the surge of emigration.

Dear benefactors, once again this year we invite you to support the many urgent needs of our Christian sisters and brothers in Syria. Your generosity allows them to stay in their homes and to be a presence of peace in a region that needs it more than ever.

The six videos we are presenting to you on the landing page (see the address below) are appeals for generosity, but they also show moments of gratitude from the people who have benefited from your generosity. And we offer you a hearty Shukran! which means: Thank you!


The projects we would like to support this year are:
. Support for young married couples in Aleppo
. Payment of rent for families in the Valley of the Christians
. Support for the Christian Scouts
. A minibus for the Faculty of Theology in Damascus
. Spiritual retreats for Sisters
. Support for the elderly

Once again, Choukran!

The Church stands by the people. In Syria as in Lebanon, in 2022, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) wants to bring hope to these two Middle Eastern countries. Thank you for helping us!

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