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We invite you to unite your prayers to ours and to those of ACN benefactors, friends and Project Partners around the world – that God’s Grace may envelop our planet during this difficult time of global pandemic. Or, for any other personal intentions for which you wish our community to pray.

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Please consider offering a donation – for all those who have fallen into a state of critical need due to the pandemic.

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  1. For Father De Smet former international president of Aid to the Church in Need who is hospitalized and possibly has Covid-19. For the Lord to give him the strength he needs to go through this difficult moment.

  2. For the people of Nova Scotia, all the families and dear ones affected by the tragic shooting yesterday. May God hold you in the palm of His Hand.

  3. The the family and friends of those affected by the shooting in Nova Scotia. May those that perished may the Requiescat in Pace.

  4. For the needs of Church in need for a better would, and myself and my my family that may be continue to be blessed by God.

  5. May the Heart of everybody seeks for peace, love and joy in the heart of the One who can do so much.

  6. For our seniors in residences and long term care facilities we pray for forgiveness that you were forgotten during this pandemic and, we pray that this lesson will ensure that changes occur in the future.

  7. For those suffering at this time from isolation and despair. Let them find God’s solace and deep peace.

  8. Praying for the healing of the World in this pandemic as humanity that God created in His image and likeness is diminishing through death from the virus. Praying that God Almighty will forgive us from our sins and give us a second chance to come to His saving knowledge.

  9. For the freeing of young Maira Shabhaz in Pakistan. I pray that she is returned to her family soon. For all the people who work in organizations negotiating that people who are held against their will are released.

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