Five young people’s expectations for the Pope’s visit

Twenty years after the end of the civil war here, Bosnia’s young people are looking forward to the Pope’s visit this coming Saturday, June 6.  Starting today and through to Friday, we would like to offer you five of their stories expressing their enthusiasm as they await the Holy Father’s visit to their homeland, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

5th story

Portrait of Suzana Katava, one of the young people who are activSuzana Katava,

An individual has to start with himself, change himself for the better and give this change as an example to others. Therefore, I am sure Pope Francis will be an inspiration for changes that are all very much needed, but also I hope he will bring beauty, radiance and peace, so we can drive away the sins that separate us always and all over again, and I hope this visit will help people to turn their thoughts and hearts towards God and towards prayer.

As a theologian and above all as a volunteer who follows the example and work of Mother Theresa, I am ready both spiritually and physically to welcome a great man who spoke these words about volunteers: Kindness can offer much more than money, who often disappoints all those who give their trust to power, fame and money. Kindness is, by default, a reward and this reward always leads us toward God.

Because of that, thank you for your words of encouragement and welcome to the Pope!

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