Thank you for all the good you do!


Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) is happy to celebrate Benefactors’ Day again this year. We aspire to honour our benefactors every year on the Feast of the Sacred Heart, which falls on June 24th this year—the same day we celebrate Saint John the Baptist.

On this day, all over the world, project partners—religious women and men, lay catechists, and others—will be praying for you, and many celebrations of the Eucharistic will be held for your intentions.

“We have therefore chosen the Feast of the Sacred Heart… as the day on which to celebrate this special Benefactors’ Day, for your generosity finds its source and strength in the emulation of the merciful love of the Heart of God. This love is at the very heart of ACN, since love of God and love of neighbours are inseparable. Hence there can be no human need that is excluded from the service of love of the Church,” said Fr. Martin Barta, our international ecclesiastical assistant, last year.

Letters from our project partners

© Ismael Martinez Sanchez / ACN


© Ismael Martinez Sanchez / ACN