Argentina: The Perils Facing Police Officers and the Training That Prepares Them (Interview Part 1)

In recent times the severe economic and social crisis that is affecting many countries, combined with the existing social inequalities they suffer, has triggered a disastrous fragmentation of society. All these factors have a direct repercussion on the work of the police and security forces, who have been subjected to intense criticism on account of […]

Project of the Week: Mass Offerings and Support sent to the Brazilian Amazon

Mass Offerings for priests and support for religious Sisters in the Amazonian diocese of Humaitá, Brazil  The diocese of Humaità is situated in northwest Brazil, in the state of Amazonas. It covers a vast area of over 136,000 km² (larger than Greece), but sparsely populated with only 135,000 inhabitants. Around 55,000 of these people are concentrated in the city of Humaità itself, while the rest […]

A Call to Pray with the People of Myanmar

“People of Myanmar: Let Us Raise Our Hands and Pray” On August 2, the Myanmar Catholic Bishops’ Conference called on their people to pray in the face of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Excerpt: ” We are not politicians. We always seek the good of our people. Through this appeal, I call upon all people to […]

Lebanon – One Year After the Beirut Explosion, An Interview

“We were among the dead, and we lived the Resurrection” A Lebanese priest pauses to remember a turning point in his homeland BEIRUT, Lebanon — Exactly 12 months ago, Fr. Marwan Mouawad, 46, was celebrating mass for a small group of 10 people in a poor neighbourhood of Beirut, when he felt the church moving […]

South Africa: A Fragile Anchor for Refugees

Aid to the Church in Need provides a future and hope to refugees through pastoral care for children; a means to rise out of poverty and violence Life as a refugee is not easy. Leaving everything behind and beginning a new life in a different country with different laws, education, languages and cultural expectations requires […]

Zimbabwe: COVID-19 Strikes Hard

ACN reaches out to ease the struggle of pastoral workers Zimbabwe’s recent re-imposition of a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has once again focused global attention on this distressed country. The need for help is huge due to a surge in the number of infections and up to 596 new cases and 26 deaths […]

Project of the Week: Construction of a Presbytery in Peru

The parish of Massiapo sits at an altitude of over 10,000 feet in the Andes misty rainforest of Puno. Life is already extremely difficult here, and the pandemic has made it worse for the people here—as it has for the work of the Church. Many planned events and activities had to be postponed or even […]

India: The Death of a ‘Fearless Advocate of the Poor’

“His fate should be a wake-up call for the international community” According to several international media reports, an elderly Indian Jesuit priest by the name of Father Stan Lourduswamy, imprisoned for several months by the Indian authorities, died on Monday 5 July 2021 in a Catholic hospital in Mumbai at the age of 84. Widely […]