Nigeria: “It is like we have been left to perish because of our faith.”

For the past seven months in southern Kaduna State, in north-central Nigeria, there have been incessant attacks on Christian communities, killing 178 people. In a statement by the Catholic bishops of Kaduna Province sent to the pontifical charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), the bishops said that ‘dark clouds of violence have enveloped our […]

ACN Feature Story—Cuba

“Barring a miracle, we’re going to have to abandon Cuba” The Friars of the Order of Our Lady of Mercy (mercedarios/Mercedarians) in the parish of Jesús del Monte, Havana, are struggling with poverty and the aftermath of last year’s hurricane. The night of January 27, 2019, is one that Fray Gabriel Avila Luna will not […]

ACN Success Story—Sierra Leone

Mass Offerings for 40 priests The people of Sierra Leone have traversed a great deal of suffering recently. The consequences of a bloodying civil war which raged from 1991 to 2002 are still evident. The horror claimed innumerable human lives and devastated large portions of the country’s infrastructure in its wake. The country’s economy was […]

Chad: “I Am a Child of the War”

Father Léandre Mbaydeyo, a priest from the diocese of N’Djaména in Chad, is currently studying in the parish of Saint Ambrose in Paris, with the help of a scholarship from the international Catholic pastoral and pontifical charity, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN). In the interview below he addresses the situation in his home […]

ACN News—Mozambique: Abducted Religious Sisters Returned to Safety—Sixty Individuals Still Missing

Two religious sisters belonging to the congregation of Saint Joseph of Chambéry have been returned to safety in northern Mozambique after missing for 24 days, as stated in a press release by the Bishop of Pemba, Msgr Luiz Fernando Lisboa. Sixty individuals remain missing. According to Father Kwiriwi Fonseca, of the diocese of Pemba in […]

Lebanon in Crisis: “We Need A Miracle”

Quietly and politely they form a line in the hot sun outside the Socio-Medical Intercommunity Dispensary in the poor Beirut neighborhood of Nabaa.  Some are elderly and live alone.  Others have families to feed.  All have put aside any embarrassment in accepting a handout, in order to eat. The dispensary has been run by the […]

Success Story in Egypt

Supporting Families During the Coronavirus Crisis The centre for diaconic services was established in 2010 by the patriarchate of the Coptic Catholic Church. It offers a range of social and pastoral activities and initiatives, addressed above all towards women, families and young people. In addition to this there are various aid programs for those in […]

Asia Bibi: “Please Help our Girls”

In a moving interview which she gave to the international Catholic pastoral and Pontifical Charity, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), Asia Bibi made a heartfelt appeal to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on behalf of the religious minorities in the country, recalling in particular the terrible plight of the many underage Pakistani girls […]

Beirut, We Will Not Abandon You!

Aid to the Church in Need is preparing a second wave of help for Beirut amid growing fears that last month’s explosion could spark an exodus of Christians from Lebanon. Amid reports that more than 100 churches, convents, Church-run schools and other institutes are in need of repairs following the blast on August 4, a […]

Call to Pray for Lebanon September 4, 2020

Appeal for Lebanon 2020 Complete text by Pope Francis, General Audience, Wednesday September 2, 2020 Dear Brothers and Sisters, One month after the tragedy that struck the city of Beirut, my thoughts turn once again to Lebanon and its people, so sorely tried. The priest beside me has brought the Lebanese flag to this Audience. […]