Photo above: Msgr Arbach showing an icon destroyed by ISIS, February  2016 


A letter from Aleppo from Msgr Jean-Clément Jeanbart

Mgr Jean-Clément Jeanbart, métropolite greco-catholique melkite d'Alep.
Msgr Jean-Clément Jeanbart

Aleppo is broken.

The former economic capital of Syria, from one day to the next, this city is becoming nothing more than a field of ruins…

The Greek-Catholic Melkite archbishop, the Metropolitan Jean-Clément Jeanbart sent Aid to the Church in Need an extremely touching letter and  we would like to share it with you so that you can also share it with the world through your media contacts.


Février 2016: une ville de plus en plus dévastée par les bombardements.
February 2016: the city devastated by bombings.

Please do not forget  to relay our call to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – ask the Canadian government to recognize the genocide of Christians in Iraq and Syria . Please help us inform Canadians of the situation the increasingly extreme and discouraging situation within which Syrians are evolving, civilians caught in the vice-grip of war, and threatened by genocide #CallItGenocide.

“We, the Christians of Syria, have more need than ever today of our brothers and sisters in the West. We have need of their prayers and of their support. We need their constant and decisive advocacy with their political representatives and their governments. It is time for these gentlemen to consider our terrible sufferings and to change their attitude towards us. We hope that they will understand, once and for all, that we are determined to remain in our own country. This is a vital need for us and it represents an obvious and inalienable human right; it means as much to us as our life itself.”


Let us pray for peace to come!



Read Msgr Jean-Clément Jeanbart




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