Healing the Wounds in Africa

How is the Church present for our brothers and sisters in the faith, in Africa?

I tell you the truth,
just as you did it for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of mine,
you did it for me.’’
Mt 25:40

Love is a fundamental value of the Church. For love of their community, religious men and women create a common front with representatives of other religious communities, to guide people on the path of dialogue.
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The Church occupies an important place in the daily life of our African brothers and sisters. Often, religious men and women take on the roles of teachers, nurses, psychologists… But who takes care of them?

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Significant physical injuries are concrete and visible, contrary to the wounds of the soul. However, the latter are sometimes more significant. Religious men and women are committed to alleviating the suffering associated with these traumas.
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Religious men and women supported by Aid to the Church in Need are, like the population they serve, affected by persecution and/or poverty. To enable them to do their jobs to the best of their ability, they need tools and sometimes, they need to withdraw themselves.
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Watch the testimonies from our partners in Africa

Central African Republic –The violence issuing from civil war has spared no one: the Church is there for the people.

Nigeria – Boko Haram traumatizes our brothers and sisters in faith: the Church is present for them.

Burkina Faso – A humanitarian crisis coupled with persecution: the people live moments of horror, the Church is their refuge.

Cameroon – Boko Haram violence terrorizes the population: the Church cares for the victims.

Mozambique–The armed conflict is raging and hurting souls: the Church is there to support them.

"I invite you all, together with ACN, to offer an act of mercy to the world."
(Pope Francis)

Nigeria – Boko Haram traumatizes our brothers and sisters in faith: the Church is present for them.