A boat for pastoral care in Carmelo Peralta


The apostolic vicariate of Chaco is located in the far north of the country. It extends over a vast area of swamps and semi-arid forests. There are only 30,000 inhabitants. The roads are very bad and some locations are only accessible by water.


The parish of Carmelo Peralta counts 3,500 inhabitants and is located right at the Brazilian border. Brazilian farmers clear the jungle in order to gain additional pas

tureland for their cattle. This attracts workers who are looking for work in farming.


However, this region has a lot of Indigenous people who have a traditional way of life: for them, meeting these workers is a cultural shock. This community’s young people are vulnerable. Attracted by the other culture, they become involved in it at the risk of losing their fundamental human values allowing them to keep both feet on the ground. The problems arising from this are well known: alcoholism, substance abuse and promiscuity. Of course, all of this is destroying families.


The presence of the Church is very important to accompany and help people in this difficult situation. However, some of the Indigenous villages can only be reached by boat and the parish does not have any. The current situation is not viable because renting a boat is expensive. The sustainable solution would be to buy some. Aid to the Church in Need will support this project by contributing a sum of $5,400. Thank you for helping us in order make possible regular visits to families, more frequent liturgical celebrations in the parish chapels, as well as pastoral accompaniment and catechesis.


Thank you for your donation!

Paraguay: Purchase of a boat for the pastoral care of indigenous communities: Children at holy mass

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