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a Catholic calendar to accompany the faithful through the year


Each year, thanks to the help of ACN, the Cuban bishops’ conference is able to publish a Catholic liturgical and catechetical calendar, which has now become an indispensable companion through the year for many Catholics in every diocese of the country.


In Cuba the Church still has only very limited access to the media; consequently this calendar is a vitally important means of evangelizing, or re-evangelizing people in the country. It is very much in demand, and not only among Catholics, but even among people who otherwise have very little contact with the Church.

Cuba: Printing of the liturgical calender for 2018.


Each year, this colourfully illustrated calendar is devoted to a different topic, and each year it also includes many prayers, and also important messages from the Pope and the bishops. It contains many pictures, and of course, marks all the Catholic feasts and saints‘’days. So in this way it represents a companion for the Catholic faithful throughout the Church’s year.


The great advantage of this calendar lies in the fact that it can also be used by people who cannot afford books or who only read a little, or cannot even read at all. And the beautiful illustrations of the saints are perfect for cutting out and hanging on the wall, even after the calendar has run its course. This year the calendar had a special extra in the form of a poster-sized picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, ideal for hanging or pinning up in people’s homes.


For the Cuban bishops this colourful calendar is an extremely important means of keeping the Faith alive and present in the family home – since every such calendar reaches an average of five people in every family. And of course, it is not only hung up in private homes or Church premises but is also seen in clinics, hospitals and other public buildings, Cuban priests report. A few years ago, in fact, it was even seen on the set of a national soap opera, screened on TV.


Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, ACN was able to contribute 45,300 dollars,
so enabling some 441,400 copies to be printed.
Thousands of Cuban people are happy to know that this calendar will be available,
this year as well, to support them in their faith.
Thank you!


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